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Climate change, political volatility and growing demand for materials are only some of the forces that natural resources organizations will continue to confront in the foreseeable future. Many companies are consolidating operations in order to raise the capital needed to finance entry into the global mining and refining markets, and to guarantee the timely management of operations. Success in natural resources requires experienced and visionary leaders who can develop winning strategies in the global marketplace while remaining ever mindful of environmental, governmental and community affairs.

Our Natural Resources team has a proven track record of matching client needs and cultures with candidates who will make a lasting impact on their business. We also help organizations develop up-and-coming leaders, improve the effectiveness of the top leadership team, and support strategic or cultural transformation.

We are committed to your success.

We understand how difficult it can be to find and attract the right leaders for large, multibillion-dollar natural resources and mining projects in challenging environments. Our global capability and coordination allow us to find the best executives, no matter where they are needed.
We have completed more than 250 senior-level natural resources searches over the past three years for high-profile clients. Nearly half of our natural resources and mining assignments are at the C-level.
Our consultants have deep relationships with leading natural resources and mining executives, as well as candidates from other process industries such as agriculture and chemicals.