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The Dynamic Path

In his time at executive search firm Spencer Stuart, author Jim Citrin has come to learn that the answers to those “what’s next?” questions are far from obvious. The key to success, to greatness, will never be as straightforward as a single trait or achievement.

Instead, what he has discovered in their place is a process that demands constant learning, self-reflection, leadership and, most importantly, adaptation. What he found was The Dynamic Path.

Even the world’s most spectacular athletes have been forced to change, let go of past achievements, and recreate themselves. By examining the lives and careers of sports leaders, the book guides its readers along The Dynamic Path, through crossroads to its three main stages:

  • The Champion, who achieves the highest form of individual achievement through natural talent, dedication, and mental toughness.
  • The Leader, who reaches the height of group achievement for collective results, more through benevolent leadership than natural talent.
  • The Legacy, who aims for enduring results, by inspiring others with his or her moral or spiritual leadership, to strive for something beyond themselves.

In today’s world, you are always at a crossroads and this book is here to help with tips on how to develop the discipline to stay focused under pressure; to lead by focusing on the success of others; and to continue to take your potential to the next level on the dynamic path to greatness.

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